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Tailor-made capital market consulting from a single source:

Individual. First class. International.

Our expertise:

State-of-the-art consulting.

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We have a high level of expertise in regulatory, strategic and operational projects in the banking, stock exchange and financial environment. However, our services go far beyond pure consulting and also include design, implementation and operations. Thus, we cover the entire value chain "Trading - Clearing - Settlement". With us, you get a wide range of services competently from a single source.

Our range of services:

Regulatory, strategic and operational.

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  • Business analysis at the interfaces to IT and Legal
  • Program & project management
  • Process design
  • Organizational Readiness
  • External Readiness
  • Test Consulting
  • Business Concepts
  • Strategic Consulting / Management Consulting
  • Training & Education

Our specialties:

Our other areas of focus:

Focused on the capital market.

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  • Crypto Assets/Distributed Ledger Technology.
  • New regulations and laws in the banking and exchange industry (CSDR, SRD2, PSD2, EMIR, MIfID/MiFiR, MICA)
  • Compliance processes and systems
  • TARGET2-Securities, ECMS, ESMIG, CASCADE, Creation, C7, D7, R7
  • Roll-out of new core banking systems
  • Migration and de-migration for transaction banks
  • Trading, clearing and settlement of financial derivatives (ETD & OTC) as well as energy and commodity products
  • Flexibilization of trading & clearing platforms
  • Risk management (portfolio margining systems)
  • Client Asset Protection
  • Emerging markets consulting