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The consultancy for regulatory, strategic and operational projects focusing on DLT, ESG, Information-Security and Trade & Post-Trade:

Your consulting boutique for the capital market.

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Small and fine: This motto was the idea behind x-markets consulting from the very beginning, in order to be able to offer excellent consulting services for the capital market. For this reason, we are not the next global player with inscrutable hierarchy charts, but the flexible and cooperative consulting boutique for customized solutions and consulting at eye level.

We look forward to working with you on the further development and reshaping of the capital markets.

Our expertise:

Banks, stock exchanges and the financial industry.

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With an international team of experienced consultants, we take care of your projects in the banking, stock exchange, and financial environment: from conception to implementation to operations. Here you can find out more about our range of services and our consulting fields.

Our specialties: